EMACIATED AND STARVING ANIMALS!Do not support this inhumane operation.

My dad and I recently signed up for a ride at Jacob's Ranch while visiting Zion National Park. We were drawn to the fun and exciting rides advertised on the website. When we arrived, we waited 45 minutes for them to come open the gate (which eventually became an insignificant detail once we saw the condition of the animals). One hour and fifteen minutes after our scheduled time we "met" the horses.

They were the most sad, skinny, pathetic, staving animals I have even seen. It was like something you would see on TV. Jackson, the lead wrangler tried to rattle off excuses for the poor conditions, "they were rescues" "it's hard to put weight on a horse" "you have to be careful what they eat" and it was all complete and total BS (for lack of a better word). My dad and I left immediately.

I am making every effort to shut down their operation and get the horses into a safe and healthy environment.In the mean time, please do not support this cruel operation.

Review about: Horse Boarding And Lessons.



You lost your credibility once you said " the most sad, skinny, pathetic, staving animals I have even seen". You have a very big bug up your you know what.


This person must have a personal grudge, the horses are not only fed hay cubes and supplements, they are turned into a huge pasture every day after the ride.

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